Alpaca Panels & Gates

Designed specifically for Alpacas


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Several Panels interconnected together (panel with built-in gate in middle):

These are the same panels used at the MaPACA Jubilee & PAOBA Breeder's Showcase:







Since they are designed specifically for alpacas, the alpaca panels and gates take into account alpaca needs and alpaca owner needs.

Built to Last Construction, Yet Sized for Alpacas

The alpaca panels and gates are four (4) feet tall, the height needed to safely contain alpacas. They are built with heavy steel, which is sand blasted and then coated with a rust protection paint. They have a heavy screen mesh in the middle of the panel, and not just additional horizontal bars, which adds to your alpacas' protection. They are strong enough to separate any alpacas and to keep predators away from your alpaca herd.

Features only available on Alpaca Panels & Gates

These alpaca panels and gates are the ONLY panels (alpaca, llama or horse) available to incorporate ALL of the following safety features for the protection of your alpacas:

        A locking pin which secures multiple panels together so an alpaca cannot separate the panels by inserting his head through the horizontal bars and lifting.

        They are very light weight. The 8 foot long alpaca panel is only 25 pounds -- less than half the weight of a common horse panel and considerably less weight than other llama/alpaca panels. The lighter the panel (without sacrificing safety), the easier it is to move around and therefore, the more frequently it will be used.

        They support a "T" connection of 3 panels physically connected together without the use of excess hardware such as bungee straps.

        They have a heavy metal weave for your alpaca's protection. This weave helps prevent dogs from penetrating through (unlike all other llama, alpaca or horse panels);

        They have a low bottom horizontal rail to prevent dogs and other undesirables from crawling under the panels and bothering your alpaca herd.

Conversion Kit makes any Panel into a Gate

A simple conversion kit is available for converting any alpaca panel into a swinging and latching gate. The conversion kit provides 2 hinges (either screw or bolt/nut) and a latch.

Flexibility with Alpaca Panels & Gates

The alpaca panels can turn any space into efficient alpaca stalls. When you want a change (adding more alpacas, weaning little ones, moving males, stalling an expectant dam, area for the show alpacas, etc.) the panels can be easily moved and reconfigured by anyone as they are light and easy to use.

These alpaca panels and gates are superior for corralling alpacas because they are designed specifically for alpacas.

Alpaca panel pricing:
4 foot long: $79
6 foot long: $100
8 foot long: $115
10 foot long: $135

12 foot long: $156


Panel-To-Gate Conversion Kit  (converts any panel to a latching gate)

Screw Mount type: $25

Bolt Mount type: $35

4 foot long panel with built in gate: $145 (in center of 1st picture above)
4 foot long panel with built in gate plus built in creep gate: $170


We specialize in volume (e.g. 25+ panels) discounts. Tell us the quantities of each panel type you are looking for and we can give you an estimate.


All panels are green. Special common colors are available for an additional fee.


Available at our farm, shipped to yours, or with advance notice, delivered to a show we are attending (space limited: first come, first served).

No added sales tax if complete, sign and return the farming tax exempt form.

We carry a full line of alpaca barn equipment designed specifically to meet the needs of alpacas and their owners.


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